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DeJong & Lebet is a full service Naval Architecture firm. We have all the services that you need to modify your existing vessel or design the new vessel that will take your vessel into the next century.

We can provide you with New Construction Design Packages that can allow any shipyard in the U.S. to build your vessel.

If you have any existing vessel we can provide you with a Vessel Conversion Package that allow you to get accurate shipyard bids and get a head start on USCG approval of you project.

In order to establish accurate cost and times of construction, we can provide you will a Bid Package that can be taken to any shipyard to get accurate quotes for New Construction or Vessel Conversion before any work begins.

We can provide you with a full range of Stability Calculations, to meet United States Coast Guard, American Bureau of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas requirements. As well as assistance with USCG required Stability Tests at any point in your vessels lifetime.

If you need a vessel that is comfortable in a seaway we have the experience to provide you with good Sea keeping original hull designs as well as designing modifications to your vessel to make it handle the seas better on your existing vessel.

For many years we have been industry leaders in providing US Domestic Tonnage Calculations. We can design your vessel under 100 gross tons from 50 feet to 250 feet, and in many cases we can get your existing vessel under 100 gross tons, when others say it cannot be done.

Our firm has experience designing and modifying Propulsion Systems of every imaginable type from conventional diesel + shaft + propeller to electric paddlewheels to cycloidal drives to waterjets.

We can design or modify electrical systems from 50kW up to 3000kW, in voltages from 12 V DC to 480 V AC, in 50 or 60HZ. whether you need an additional generator or you need a complete diesel / electric power plant.

For your new or existing vessels Piping Systems we can design every aspect from Bilge/Fire Piping to Soda / Beer Lines to HVAC piping systems.

Our Structural staff can design your vessel in Steel and Aluminum. We can design an aluminum super structure or an entire hull made out of Stainless Steel. For all types of vessels from Monohulls to Catamarans to SWATHs.

Today's Fire and Safety rules are more complex than ever. We can design or modify Structural Fire Protection and Emergency Egress Plans to today's rules keeping you customers and investment safe for tomorrow.

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