Passenger Vessels

Odyssey Chicago River

140ft x 30ft x 5.5ft One Deck Dinner Cruise Vessel

Sea Island Explorer

71ft x 21ft x 4.5ft Passenger Vessel


231ft x 46ft x 13.5ft Passenger Vessel

Hornblower Hybrid

160ft x 36ft Hybrid Passenger Vessel

Odyssey II

175ft x 37ft 800 Passenger Dinner Cruise

Sir Winston

120ft x 35ft x 10.5ft Passenger Vessel

Branson Belle

240ft x 74ft x 13ft Paddlewheeler Dinner Theater Vessel

Circle Line Three Decks

165ft x 34ft x 12.5ft Passenger Vessel

California Spirit

160ft x 37' x 13.5ft Passenger Vessel

Circle Lines

165ft x 34ft x 12.5ft Passenger Vessel

Endless Dreams

135ft x 32ft x 11.5ft Passenger Vessel

Nina's Dandy

135ft x 40ft x 9.5ft Passenger Vessel

Odyssey I

175ft x 37ft Passenger Vessel


120ft x 32ft 10ft Dinner Cruise Vessel

Naples Princess

105ft x 24ft x 6ft Passenger Vessel

Miami Lady

75ft x 24ft x 5.5ft Passenger Vessel


125ft x 26ft x 4.5ft Passenger Vessel

Willamette Star

Skipperliner Lengthened to 98ft

Islander I

60.25ft x 20.5ft x 7ft Aluminium Catamaran Passenger Vessel

Blue Horizons

70ft Hatteras USCG Certfied

Starlite Princess

102ft x 30ft x 6.5ft Paddlewheel Passenger Vessel


210ft x 41ft x 14ft Mini Cruise Ship Conversion


74ft Hatteras USCG Certfied

Liquid Vegas

230ft Ferry Conversion

River Explorer

89ft x 26ft Hybrid Education Vessel

City of New Orleans

189ft x 54ft x 10ft Dinner Cruise Paddlewheel Vessel


60ft x 17ft Gondola

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