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Stability Calculations are very important to your vessels operation. These calculations set the limit of your passenger capacity, what kind of route your vessel can travel on, and how much weight you can add to your vessel in the future.

We often are contracted to do the stability analysis on existing vessels or on new vessels to another's design.

We can provide you with the following Stability Calculations:

  • Hydrostatics

  • Intact Stability

  • Damaged Stability

  • Weather Criteria

  • Passenger Heel Calculations

  • Floodable Length Curves

  • Deadweight Surveys

  • Inclining Experiments

  • Tank Capacities

We can design your vessel to meet the following routes:

  • Lakes, Rivers, Bays, and Sounds

  • Protected Waters

  • Partially Protected Waters

  • Oceans

If your existing vessel is having difficulties meeting any of these requirements we can help find solutions.

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