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Our Heating, Ventilation an Air Conditioning designs are some of the best in the field. We can design a simple systems which efficiently provide air to your dinner cruise vessel to complex systems that provide the necessary air changes to keep you casino smoke free. Here are a few of HVAC drawings and calculations:

  • HVAC Plan – All Decks

  • Engine Room Ventilation

  • Bow thruster Room Ventilation

  • Air handler Equipment List

  • Stale Air Exhaust fan List

  • Main Engine Filter Arrangement Details

Our HVAC team can design a system that uses all types of conventional systems from Heat Pumps to Entropy Wheels.

One of our more interesting engineering feats has been the incorporation of Entropy Wheels on several Casino Vessels. These wheels are coated with a desiccant material which traps moisture coming into your vessel from the outside air's humidity. With much of the moisture gone it is easier to cool the air. this can mean a significant savings of wear and tear on your vessel's electrical generating plant.

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