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We can design for you a completely new vessel, based on your business needs, and our design experience. whether you need a small dinner cruise vessel or a large offshore casino vessel we have made design many of every type of vessel. We know that while a existing vessel may be for sale at a good price it doesn't always meet your business needs. We believe that we can take your ideas and turn them into a brand new vessel that meets your needs, while being cost effective.

In order to make your new vessel a reality our team of Naval Architects and Designers can provide detailed drawings of every part of your vessel. We will provide you with the following drawings and calculations to build your vessel.

  • Lines Plans

  • Weight Calculations

  • Stability Calculations,

  • Tonnage Plans

  • Inclining Experiments or Deadweight Surveys

  • General Arrangements and Outboard Profiles

  • Emergency Evacuation Plans

  • Structural Plans

  • Fire Load Calculations

  • Joiner work Details

  • Structural Fire Protection

  • Insulation Plans

  • Reflected Ceiling Plans

  • Hull Anode Plans

  • Safety Plans

  • Door Schedules

  • Window Schedules

  • Railing, Stairs, and Ladder Details

  • Piping systems drawings

  • Electrical System Drawings

  • Propulsion System Details

  • Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Details

These drawings and calculations will allow you to get the most detailed bids from shipyards, and we will submit them to the USCG or other agencies like ABS or DNV. Then while your vessel is being built we will be there to answer questions from you and the shipyard, to work with USCG Inspectors, and to insure that building your vessel goes as smoothly as possible.

We will help you from the first conceptual sketches to the final delivery of your vessel, and afterwards with questions and changes you may want.

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