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Over the past thirty years we have designed many good sea boats. In addition to designing them we have converted vessels to make them better sea-keeping vessels.

We can added many features to your new or existing vessel to make it handle rough seas better, such as:

Bilge Keels, which can be added to many existing vessels and can help to reduce rolling.

Bulbous Bows, which can also be added to many boats and help reduce pitching. As an added bonus studies have shown that the can slightly increase speed.

Anti-Rolling Tanks, large seawater tanks, which when filled to the proper amount, reduce roll by moving seawater from side to side opposite your vessels rolling.

In addition we can design for you the hull you need to keep you business running. We have designed Monohulls with anti-roll tanks to assist you in heavy weather. Small Water plane Twin Hull (SWATH) vessels can be a great vessel although their speed is limited.

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