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Our electrical designs are specifically designed for your vessel. Our jobs are a simply as adding a new 20Kw generator to your vessel up to a complete 3,000Kw plant capable of providing electrical propulsion motors as well as ships service requirements.

We provide the following range of design services:

  • Electrical One-Lines

  • Electrical Load Analysis

  • Power Deck Wiring Plans

  • Lighting Wiring Plan

  • Receptacle Wiring Plans

  • Gaming Wiring Plans

  • HVAC Wiring Plans

  • Motor Controller List

  • Disconnect List

  • Panel Board List

  • Circuit Breaker List

  • Shore Power Wiring Diagram

  • Electrical Plant Load Analysis

  • Short Circuit & Fault Interrupt Calcs.

  • DC Wiring Diagrams

  • Magnetic Door Holdback Diagram

We can engineer electrical systems to meet U.S. Coast Guard, T, K & H, as well as most Classifications Societies. In addition to the normal electrical calculations we can calculate Fault Current Analysis and Short Circuit Amapacities for you system.

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