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We pride ourselves on making great strides in Structural Design. we have designed such varied systems as Stainless Steel Hulls, and Theater Vessel, with three open decks. When it comes to your vessel we will design you a structural system that is strong and lightweight. We design structure so that your vessel is efficient to build, further reducing your cost at the .shipyard.

In recent years we have made great strides in the use of CSJ or commercial building studs. When designed properly, these studs become part of the load bearing structure as well as forming a finish wall that only requires insulation and sheathing, with out building separate heavy joiner work walls.

This list is just a few of our typical structural drawings:

  • Typical Section 

  • Inboard Structural Profile 

  • Bottom Plating Plan 

  • Side Shell Expansion 

  • Transverse Frames 

  • Longitudinal Bulkheads 

  • Bulbous Bow Details 

  • Bilge Keel Details 

  • Bottom Details 

  • Main Deck Plating Plan

  • Second Deck Plating Plan 

  • Third Deck Plating Plan 

  • Fourth Deck Details 

  • Fifth Deck Details 

  • Engine & Generator Foundations 

  • Main Deck House Sides & Bulkheads 

  • Second Deck House Sides & Bulkheads 

  • Third Deck House Sides & Bulkheads 

  • Fourth Deck House Sides & Bulkheads 

  • Pilothouse Deck Elevations and Details 

  • Auxiliary Foundations 

  • Deck Machinery Foundations 

  • Bulwark and Deck Fittings 

  • Cowling Details 

  • Stack - Misc. Structure Details 

  • Keel Cooler Details 

  • Guard Arrangement Details 

  • Fly bridge Canvas, Shelter Arrangement Details

  • Hawse and Chain Pipes 

  • Kort Nozzle Details 

  • Sea Chest Arrangement Details 

Please come see us whether you need a minor structural modification, or a entire new vessel

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