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HSV Al Makirah

106ft x 40' x 11.5ft Aluminium Catamaran Research Vessel

HSV Al Makirah

The Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) contracted with the US Pentagon through a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program to provide a new research vessel based on the RV F.G. Walton Smith, a University of Miami vessel. DeJong & Lebet, Naval Architects, provided the US Navy with Contract Drawings and Engineering.

Thoma-Sea Shipbuilders of Lockport, Louisiana built the Catamaran Hull Hydrographic Survey Vessel for the government of Oman. This vessel will be built by Thoma-Sea. The Sultanate of Oman received this 90-foot vessel, which is designed to conduct hydrographic and environmental surveys of harbors and bays, and will work in Oman’s territorial waters.

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