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Alcatraz Flyer

128ft Hybrid Vessel Conversion

Alcatraz Flyer

DeJong and Lebet, Inc., assisted Hornblower's in-house design / engineering team on the conversion of this vessel from conventional diesel propulsion to a hybrid-propulsion ferry vessel. This was part of several hybrid vessels we assisted Hornblower with design, engineering, and USCG Certifications. Our part included weight and stability analysis, advising on and facilitating USCG approval of the complicated electrical system, and various other USCG certification issues.

Service Date: March 2007
Cruise Speed: 10 knots
Capacity: 700 passengers
Tier: Tier II
Hull: Monohull, Steel
Horsepower: 1400 from diesel electric engines
GRT: 97
128 feet long
Decks: 3
Main Deck: snack bar, restrooms, indoor seating, accessible outdoor viewing
Second Deck: outdoor and indoor seating, display monitors
Third Deck: wheelhouse, outdoor seating

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