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45ft Crewboat

45ft x 14ft x 8ft Aluminium Crewboat

45ft Crewboat

DeJong & Lebet designed this small crewboat for St. John's Shipbuilding. A total of 20 were built. The vessels were intended for work in South America.

The vessel's principle characteristics are as follows:

Length Overall  45'-4"

Length on Deck  45'-0”

Beam (molded)  14'-0"

Beam (over fenders)  14'-6"

LBP    40-0"

Depth (molded baseline) midships  8'-0"

Draft (molded baseline), Full Load  3'-0"

Passengers 20

Crew 2

Speed (estimated) 20 Knots

Route Exposed Waters

Gross Tonnage Less than 100

Fuel Oil Storage Capacity Approx.: 350 Gallons (1590 liters)

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