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ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINES, the giant upscale cruise line, has placed orders for two (2) 84’ X 23' X 11' Cruise Ship Tenders. The two deck, 400 passenger vessels are being designed by DeJong & LEBET, INC. and constructed by PALATKA SHIPBUILDING CORPORATION, in Palatka, Florida.

Unlike the previous two tenders, which were also designed by DeJong & Lebet, Inc., the new ones are fitted with living quarters for two crew below the pilothouse.

Passengers are loaded and discharged via the raised foc’sle deck and then are seated on either the Main or Second Decks. Seats are provided by Miracle Recreation. The vessel’s two 12 V71N main engines, which are being supplied by Coastal Power Products, will provide a service speed of 12 knots. 208 Volt 3—phase electrical power will be supplied by two 10 kW Isuzu generator sets, also supplied by Coastal Power Products.

The vessels will be able to transport 50 long tons of drinking water and 5,000 gallons of fuel oil. The drinking water will be pumped to the shore with a Burks pump driven by one of the main engines through a front P.T.O. with a Burks pump driven by one of the main engines through a front P.T.O.

Total discharge time for water and fuel oil will be two and one hours.

The vessels will be used at the island resorts at Labadee and Little Stirrup Key, which is being completely refurbished, including the installation of new piers and mooring dolphins.

Engine controls are by Kobelt, windows by Wynne, steering (manual hydraulic) by A.S. Tenfjord, and coatings by Jotun Valspar. The bottom coating will be self-polishing. Special engine room insulation and double isolation under the generators will provide for quiet operation.


















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