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DeJong & LEBET, INC. Designs Passenger Vessel for Key West Service

The m/v CONCH REPUBLIC was recently delivered by St. Augustine Trawlers, Inc. to her Owner, Caribbean Travel Services. She is the latest of many passenger vessels designed by DeJong & Lebet, Inc.,  Naval Architects, of Jacksonville, Florida.

The CONCH REPUBLIC is certified for 500 passengers in Ocean Service by the United States Coast Guard, under Subchapter T. In addition, she carries an ABS International Load line.

The vessel has several novel features including a 4’ X 8’ underwater viewing well, port and starboard water-level dive platforms with fresh water showers, and special bottom construction forward for beaching the vessel . She is equipped with a forward boarding ramp for beach loading and unloading, and a stern capstan for pulling off the beach.

The CONCH REPUBLIC features 3 passenger decks, complete bars. The Main Deck features a completely equipped galley  and a dance floor. The Second Deck features a large cut-out over the Main Deck dance floor. The pilot house is located on the Third Deck.  A variety of seating accommodations on the vessel, including  fixed booths, portable tables and chairs, bar stools, and benches, allow a seat for all 500 passengers. The Main and Second Deck are equipped with roll down curtains in case of inclement weather.

The CONCH REPUBLIC is powered by twin Caterpillar 34O6TA diesels, developing 350 HP each at 1800 RPM. Each engine drives a 42" diameter 4—bladed propeller, furnished by Columbian Bronze. Electrical power is provided by two (2) Caterpillar 3304 generators, developing 55 kW. All the engines were furnished by Ring Power, Jacksonville, Florida. Engine exhausts are water cooled and discharge through the hull side at the waterline.

The CONCH REPUBLIC hull design, by DeJong & Lebet, Inc., is a modified catamaran. The outboard hulls are connected by a partially submerged center-hull, combining the stability and efficiency of a catamaran with the sea keeping and below decks accessibility of a mono—hull.

Principal characteristics are as follows:

Length Overall l04’-6"
Beam 30’-0"
Depth 9’ -6"
Draft 5'-0"
Tonnage 93 Gross Tons
Speed 11 Knots
Fuel Oil 6400 Gallons
Potable Water 2600 Gallons
Holding Tank 3000 Gallons

Major Equipment Venders included the following:

Propellers Columbian Bronze
Engines Ring Power (CAT)
Generators Ring Power (CAT)
Windows  Wynne Enterprises
Stern Capstan Mc Elroy
Steering   Wagner
Engine Controls   Kobel t
Generator Panel  Industrial Power Systems
Battery Charger  La Marche Constavol t
Air Supply Fans  Hartzell

The CONCH REPUBLIC will operate in Key West, Florida, as an excursion! diving/cruise ship tender, following a brief stay in St. Augustine, Florida, as the excursion vessel, m/v MISS LIBERTY.

       This page last edited on  07/09/2010