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Press Release from 2003

Vessel Lengthening for Portland , Oregon Dinner Cruise Vessel

 The 80' Dinner Cruise Vessel WILLAMETTE STAR has just been lengthened to 98' by adding an 18' long midsection.  The vessel was originally built by SkipperLiner in 1995 for its current Owner, Portland Spirit Cruises.  The engineering for this conversion was done by DEJONG & LEBET, INC., Naval Architects, Jacksonville , Florida .  The construction project management and the complete interior renovation were done by Maritime Services Corp., Hood River , Oregon .


A detailed analysis of the cost of lengthening vs. construction of a new vessel was done by the Owner.  Portland Spirit President Dan Yates determined that for their particular situation, the lengthening project was economically preferable.  Part of this analysis was based on the ability to complete the project in sixty days, and be back in operation to start the spring season.


The original vessel was capable of seating 70 persons for dinner.  The new vessel can seat just over 100 people for dinner.  Many clients at Portland Spirit were requesting events that required the 100 person dining capacity, so the vessel fits a particular niche for the Owners.  The 18' lengthening increased the Second Deck enclosed area by 10', with the remaining 8' on the Second Deck being added to the open passenger deck aft.  The lengthened vessel remains a Subchapter T vessel at less than 100 gross tons.


The vessel was cut in half just forward of the Engine Room bulkhead. The 18' section included a void space that added two new tanks to double the capacity of the potable water and sewage.  Other major projects included in the conversion were the following:


1.      Addition of the Second Deck Head

2.      Addition of Walk-In Cooler in the Galley

3.      Addition of Custom Buffet by MSC

4.      Renovation of Interior by MSC

5.      Addition of CO2 System to Engine Room


The vessel was re-certified for 150 passengers plus 10 crew on Partially Protected Waters.  The Second Deck capacity is no longer limited by the Stability Letter.


Steel fabrication for the conversion project was completed by Diversified Marine in Portland , Oregon  





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