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In 1984, DeJong & Lebet, Inc. together with the Connelly Group developed the articulated power unit/ passenger barge concept. This development culminated in the Pittsburgh based "MAJESTIC". The goal of the two vessel concept is to have the vessels appear to be a sin9le vessel when connected together. The absence of noise and vibration on the barge prompted the Connelly Group to use the same concept when plans were started to build the "BELLE OF ST. LOUIS". She replaces the 1923 built and recently renovated PRESIDENT, which is now the world’s largest floating casino, and operates out of Davenport, Iowa.

The barge portion of the "BELLE OF ST. LOUIS" is 195 feet long, 65 feet wide and has a hull depth of 10 feet at the low point of the sheer. The superstructure consists of three enclosed decks with the pilot house on the fourth deck. The second deck has a large cut-out and the ceiling heights on the main and second decks are exceptional at almost 10 and 8 1/2 feet respectively. Virtually all 1200 passengers for which the vessel is certified can be seated for dinner at one time.

The power unit is 85 feet long, 65 feet wide and l0’-3" deep at the bow, with the sheer being a continuation of the barge sheer. Leevac shipyards in Jennings, LA was contracted for the steelwork, painting and launching for both vessels on a per pound basis. After launching the vessels were completed using Leevac and many other subcontractors, utilizing each subcontractor’s special skills to the best advantage. Subcontractors were coordinated by DeJong & Lebet, Inc. personnel and Terry Wirginis representing the owners. The majority of the major equipment was Owner furnished, and installed by subcontractors or Leevac..

Outfitting materials, including wall and deck coverings, as well as furniture were purchased thru Directions in Design, who also designed the interiors.

The power unit contains the propulsion and generating plants as well as three galleys (one on each deck), walk—in freezer and cooler, employee change room and various offices.

An air operated CALLIOPE and triple chime steamboat whistle are both mounted on the power unit. For you music buffs, the specially designed whistle has a frequency equal to the second inversion of the A—flat major chord, comprised of F—Flat, A—Flat and natural middle C. 660 gallons of 180 psi air, stored in one tank, can operate the whistle for approximately 20 seconds.

Some of the major equipment suppliers

Cat 3508 Main Engines  Mid-America  

Cat 3412/500 kW generator sets    Mid-America

Cat 353/300 KW generator set    From "PRESIDENT"

Switchboards and panels  Industrial Power Systems

Engine mufflers     Nelson

Vibration isolation     Lo-Rez

Insulation materials   Branton

Propellers    Bird-Johnson

Kort nozzles    Custom Nozzle Fabricators

Barge connecting winches    NABRICO

Engine controls    WABCO

Power units bilge & fire pumps     Flomax — 15

Barge bilge & fire pumps    Worthington D824-3

Fresh water pumps    Sta-rite 3 & 5 h.p.

Transformers    Neeltron

A.C. system   Carrier

Keel coolers   Walter Machine

Ceilings   Chicago Metallic

Sewage system   Envirovac

Steering   Custom Hydraulics

Capstans   Skipper Hydraulics

Windows   Pacific Coast

Doors   Dean steel

Sound and telephones   Multicom 

Central beer system    Ad Systems

Soda systems   Coca Cola

Galleys and bars    Bensingers

Paint    Sigma Coatings

Passenger elevator    General Elevator

Horns and whistles    Kahlenberg

Calliope   Tangley

Sprinkler system  Merit Sprinkler

The vessel’s construction was started in June 1990, and she was completed in mid April 1991.

All the power for the barge is generated on the power unit and conducted to the barge thru three 400 AMP power cables and quick disconnects. The barge is further fitted with a 1000 pound anchor and an outboard propelled rescue boat. A second rescue boat is located on the power units transom.

Symmetrical type 37 Kort nozzles are  fitted in tunnels, and provide for near 100% backing power.  Two flanking rudders are fitted forward of each nozzle.

Between the "MAJESTIC" and the "BELLE", DeJong & Lebet, Inc. completed the designs for eighteen major passenger vessel newbuildings and conversions, several ferries and 15 yacht certifications. The Jacksonville, Florida based Naval Architectural firm is presently designing one ferry, one dinner/cruise vessel and three casino vessels.





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