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The M/V DELMAR L., recently constructed at St. Augustine Shipbuilding Corporation is the latest of many vessels designed by the Jacksonville Naval Architectural firm of DeJong & Lebet, Inc., for operation in the Caribbean.

The DELMAR L. operates between the island of Andros, Nassau and the United States mainland, carrying a variety of cargoes. Below deck, she can carry 350 cubic feet of frozen cargo, 350 cubic feet of refrigerated cargo, 3,500 cubic feet of dry cargo, 9,200 gallons of No. 2 diesel oil and 7,600 gallons of gasoline.

By raising the living quarters, the entire main deck can be utilized for cars, trucks and trailers; either ten automobiles or seven automobiles and two 20’ trailers.

A bow ramp provides for Ro-Ro capability while dry cargo can be brought on board either thru removable bulwark sections or by means of a five ton hydraulic crane.

Special deck structure and 2" wood planking over the deck carriage of heavy deck cargo with concentrated loadings.

The single CM 8 V-71 N main engine provides for a service speed of 9-1/2 knots at a fuel consumption of 12 gallons per hour.

The upper deck accommodates quarters for a crew of eight, galley. mess, and a pilot house.

The principal dimensions are as follows:

bulletLOA:                             82'-0"
bulletBeam, molded:         24'-0"
bulletDepth:                         11'-0"
bulletDraft, Loaded:             6'-6"


The vessel was designed and constructed in accordance with the Bahamian Merchant Shipping Rules.

The DELMAR L. is the fifth vessel designed by DeJong & Lebet, Inc. in recent years to provide versatile and economic service to the Caribbean region.


       This page last edited on  07/09/2010